Dark Energy Survey field of view

Dark Energy Survey data processed by NCSA now available to scientists everywhere

NCSA News, 01.10.18

Data collection and processing infrastructure enables exploration of 400 million astronomical objects.



Cerro Tololo Observatory

ICCP Helps DES Map the Skies

NCSA News, 08.03.17

New result rivals precision of cosmic microwave background measurements, supports view that dark matter and dark energy make up most of the cosmos.



Dr. Felipe Menanteau
Cooking a Universe

University of Illinois Technology Services News, 03.27.17

Dr. Felipe Menanteau, a Research Scientist at NCSA and Research Associate Professor of Astronomy, and the Dark Energy Survey team study the universe and use sky mapping exercises to try to understand where everything came from and if we are alone.




Tandy Warnow & Michael Nute

What Makes Us Human

University of Illinois Technology Services News, 01.26.17

Tandy Warnow and Michael Nute are researching what makes us different from other species and from one another by producing biological sequence analyses as it relates to genetic trees. They use the Illinois Campus Cluster Program (ICCP) to study the human microbiome and add what they find to existing genetic trees.


Dr. Xiaohui Chen

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Brain

University of Illinois Technology Services News, 05.25.16

Dr. Xiaohui Chen, Assistant Professor in Statistics, and his team are mining data to help neuroscientists find the mechanism that makes neurodegenerative diseases tick.





The Detective with a Thousand Faces

Illinois Technology Services News, 4.5.16

Dr. Ted Underwood uses high performance computing to look at patterns found in literary history over the course of several centuries and to find and see important words scattered across hundreds of stories in thousands of newspaper clippings, books, articles, plays, musicals, television shows, movies, and marginalia produced over hundreds of years.



gravitational waves graphic

Black Holes and the Music of the Spheres

University of Illinois Technology Services News, 03.24.16

Dr. Eliu Huerta Escudero and his team are extending our understanding of gravitational wave astronomy by developing new tools that detect and characterize wave sources in dense stellar environments.



Dr. Maria L. Chu

The Future of Water

University of Illinois Technology Services News, 03.02.16

Dr. Maria L. Chu, Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, studies how a variety of factors alter how water moves in the watershed—affecting its quantity and quality.