The Illinois Campus Cluster Program (ICCP) is an ongoing service in support of shared computing and storage resources for the campus.

Research Computing

Illinois researchers and/or Illinois campus units, either individually or as a group, can gain access to the ICCP research computing system either by investing in compute hardware or by submitting a request via the Illinois Computes program.

Those who invest in compute resources on the cluster have guaranteed access to the number and type of nodes that they purchase through their Primary Queue. In addition, all Investors have access to the Secondary Queue which allows for utilization of nodes not in use by Primary Queue jobs. This model is typically best for researchers who need to run longer, more computationally intense jobs over a longer period of time. For pricing and ordering information, visit Buy Compute.

Users with an affiliation with an existing ICCP investor, may request access to those resources via the “request access for research” form and selecting the appropriate queue. The request will then be routed to the appropriate group for review/approval.

Not sure which options are best for you? ICCP staff can make recommendations about the most appropriate model to meet your project goals. Contact us!

High-Throughput Computing (HTC)

The Illinois Campus Cluster program is delighted to introduce HTC, a high-throughput computing service powered by the open-source workload manager, HTCondor. This service, partially funded by the Illinois Computes program, offers researchers free access to a pool of computational resources. These resources primarily consist of retired campus cluster nodes and donated hardware from projects like Compute for Humanity. HTC is currently in open-beta.

To apply for access, please fill out this form.


Illinois researchers can gain access to the ICCP storage system either by investing in 6 TB storage disks that each have a 5-year lifespan or by renting storage space by the terabyte/month (TB/month) through the Research Storage as a Service (RSaaS). Researchers with shorter duration or more sporadic storage needs may prefer the RSaaS option. For pricing and ordering information, visit Buy Storage.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Service

This option is beneficial for projects with offsite disaster recovery storage needs for their primary research storage investment. You can learn more on our Buy Storage page.