Invest in Compute Hardware

Note: The node pricing provided is an estimate based on the most recent quotes we have from our vendor. When your order is placed we will secure a refreshed quote and provide an accurate cost for your order. Request updated pricing and request to place an order here.

All equipment and infrastructure costs are approved to be charged to grants.  Infrastructure fees are considered service fees and must be charged monthly to grants.

Processor Memory Configuration Ethernet-No GPUs HDR InfiniBand-No GPUs Ethernet-With 2 GPUs HDR InfiniBand-With 2 GPUs
Skylake (Intel Xeon-Gold 5120) 96GB $7,327.43
Skylake (Intel Xeon-Gold 6148) 96GB $8,379.00 $9,137.31 $17,811.40 $18,596.52
Skylake (Intel Xeon-Gold 6148) 192GB $9,459.08 $10,207.70 $18,760.68 $19,545.80
Skylake (Intel Xeon-Gold 6148) 384GB $11,827.20 $12,580.20  $21,209.76  $22,018.07
The minimum buy-in is one compute node. The standard configuration has two 2.4 GHz Skylake (Intel Xeon-Gold 6148) processors (20 cores each for 40 cores per node) and two 1 TB SATA disk drives. Prices are also provided for nodes configured with 2 NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 16GB GPUs installed on the node. 32GB GPUs are available for an additional cost. A lower-cost option is provided for the Skylake 5120 with two 2.2GHz processors (14 cores each for 28 cores per node).

If you are interested in  purchasing nodes with special configurations (e.g. very large memory, more than 2 GPUs on a node, etc.), contact us for pricing.

Note that the above node pricing does not include the required enclosure. This cost is built into the below infrastructure fees.

Additional Per Node Fees

In addition to the costs above, each node will be assessed additional charges as follows:

  • Fee to cover fair share portion of shared infrastructure costs:
    • Ethernet nodes (non-GPU): $1,453.72/node or $24.23 per month for the 5-year lifespan of the node if billed to a grant.
    • Infiniband nodes (non-GPU): $2,688.72/node or $44.81 per month for the 5-year lifespan of the node if billed to a grant.
    • Ethernet nodes (GPU): $2,032.44/node or $33.87 per month for the 5-year lifespan of the node if billed to a grant.
    • Infiniband nodes (GPU): $3,268.44/node or $54.47 per month for the 5-year lifespan of the node if billed to a grant.

Note that some colleges and units may choose to pay this cost on the behalf of investors. In these cases, investors are required to obtain the necessary approvals from their units documenting that they have agreed to cover these costs.

UIC and UIS investors should contact for specific information on covering the overall infrastruture costs.

Purchase Compute Time On-Demand (RCaaS)

The Government Costing approved rate for RCaaS is $0.0217 per core-hour, which works out to $15.84 per core-month. This service is exempt from overhead when charged to grants. Place an order here!

The general rules for billing are:

  1. Investors will be charged the same rate no matter which nodes execute your jobs, and will only be charged for actual time used (rounded up to the next minute). Minimum job runtime is one hour.
  2. Jobs are scheduled such that only one job will run on one node at a time. Jobs will be charged for all cores on the node, regardless of whether or not they are used.
  3. The ICCP holds no liability for jobs lost due to user error and no refunds will be made in those cases. However, should a job fail due reasons outside of the control of the user (e.g. operator error, environmental failures), a refund for time lost can be made.
  4. Usage will be billed monthly to the University of Illinois CFOP you provide, and charges can be viewed on your Technology Services Statement via the Pinnacle application. Customers agree to keep on file with ICCP a current CFOP with sufficient funds to cover the expected charges to their account. It is not possible to pre-pay for service under this model, therefore you must have funding available each month to pay for your usage of RCaaS resources.

NOTE: All ICCP customers will be required to sign the Service Level Definition for the product or service they purchase.  These SLDs outline policies related to these purchases.  Find the appropriate SLD for the product or service you’re considering here.