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Research Computing

University of Illinois shared computing cluster

Illinois Campus Cluster Program

High-performance computers have become essential to research in many disciplines across the Illinois campus, from astronomy to biology to chemistry on through the alphabet to zoology. The Illinois Campus Cluster is a campuswide resource that meets this need for research computing cycles.

Individuals, groups, and campus units can invest in compute and storage resources on the cluster or pay a fee for on-demand use of compute cycles. The campus cluster is housed at the Advanced Computation Building, a facility specially designed to support high-performance computing systems. Those who invest in compute resources on the cluster have guaranteed access to the number and type of nodes in which they invested. When any owner is not using his or her share, any other user may take advantage of the surplus. In this way, researchers get more computing capacity for their money than they would by building many separate systems across campus. Pooling computer resources also helps researchers control expenses and reduce overhead, shorten startup time, avoid space renovation and free up space formerly used for separate cluster resources, and reduce the campus carbon footprint.

Any researcher at Illinois can contribute and any contributor can benefit.

For more information, contact To purchase nodes, go to the online order page.

Startup funding for this project has been provided by the Office of the Chancellor.

You are also eligible to purchase nodes in the UIC Cluster Program.