The Campus Cluster file system provides projects with a high performance storage space that is attached to a large compute service and the high-speed CARNE network.  Use models include operational data storage and scratch space for analysis, mid-term storage for research data, a central storage space for compute and data sharing workflows for cross-campus collaboration, and more.  Learn more about the ICCP storage environment.

Researchers can gain access to the ICCP storage system either by investing in storage disks (each disk contains 6TB of storage space) or renting storage space by the terabyte/month (TB/month) through the Research Storage as a Service (RSaaS).

Invest in Storage Disks

An Investor or Investor Group can purchase 6 TB disks that each have a 5-year lifespan. This option is best for those with ongoing storage needs.

Cost for one 6 TB disk: $830.53
Fee to cover fair share portion of shared infrastructure costs: $600/disk

Total per disk: $1,430.53

Rent Storage Space through Research Storage as a Service (RSaaS)

This option is especially beneficial for projects with short to moderate duration or sporadic needs.

Cost: $4.67 per terabyte per month (chargeable to grants and exempt from F&A)

Customers agree to purchase/rent storage resources in units of 1 TB for a period of time in increments of one month. Customers requiring 30TB or more will be required to agree to at least 1 year of rent with a period beyond one year in increments of one month. Storage requirements at 30 TB and above may require the purchase and deployment of additional hardware and those customers are encouraged to discuss their needs with ICCP staff to understand potential timelines for availability of this level of storage for use.

The general rules for RSaaS billing are:

  1. Usage will be billed monthly to the University of Illinois CFOP you provide, and charges can be viewed on your Technology Services Statement via the Pinnacle application. Customers agree to keep on file with ICCP a current CFOP with sufficient funds to cover the charges.
  2. We will allocate the full amount you request to your project, so you will be charged monthly for the full amount requested whether you fill the space or not.

To place an order for disks or to rent space via RSaaS, complete this form.

NOTE: All ICCP customers will be required to sign the Service Level Definition for the product or service they purchase.  These SLDs outline policies related to these purchases.  Find the appropriate SLD for the product or service you’re considering here.